What Is Embossing And Die Cutting

Embossing is the process of pressing a pattern onto a piece of paper giving a 3D effect. It involves creating relief in paper and is a creative way of scrapbooking and making cards. Die to cut, on the other hand, is the process of cutting materials such as paper and fabric into unique shapes. These shapes can be used for scrapbooking, decorations, cards etc.


There are many ways to apply to emboss. The most common one is using an embossing heat tool that has a combination of embossing powder and ink. You can also use an embossing stencil that contains a pattern or text that can be pressed using an embossing machine onto a piece of paper. The final option is the use of an embossing pen. Two patterns are obtained when you work with an embossing pen or an embossing folder. The first is an embossed pattern which can be felt as it is a raised design. The other is a debossed pattern which cannot be felt.

Embossing folders are usually made of plastic and have two parts that can be folded together. One side usually contains the design used to create depth and texture while the other is flat. Embossed folders come in various sizes such as 5 x 14.5 cm, 7 x 14.6 cm, 3 x 20.3 cm etc. The size of embossing folders you need is determined by the embossing machine. All embossing folders can be used with an embossing machine.

During embossing, a paper is usually placed in the middle of the embossing folder. The paper should be lying exactly on the design when you lay it on the embossing folder. After ensuring the paper is properly placed push the paper through the embossing machine.

Die Cutting

Die cutting is the process of producing cut out shapes manually or by using a machine. Cutting complex patterns on card or paper can be done manually but this requires tonnes of time and patience. For ease you can use cutting stencils which available in various shapes and can make paper figures in no time. There also manual and electronic die cutting machines suitable for cutting various materials such as paper, card and fabric. Cutting machines enable you to perfect your cutting and modify the cut designs to your preference.

Manual die cutting machines cut paper and other materials using steel by simply turning a lever. Digital die cutting machines use electricity and are controlled by cartridges or software. You are only required to select the shape desired from the cartridge or the computer software and the machine does the cutting.

Embossing and die cutting are processes that to bring artistic styles onto paper and cards. Technological advances have made this art more precise by introducing machines and software that guarantee accuracy. The various tools and accessories make embossing and die cutting fulfilling project activities that embrace creativity.

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