What is on page seo

On page seo is focused on your actual website from page load speed right through to whether what you have on your site is unique or not.

In google the algorithm that checks your on page is google. Bad on page seo makes search engine bot think that your site is spam whereas having a good website with good on page seo makes your site seem less likely to be spam.

Site design is something the panda update checks. Does the site have a responsive design? Having a design which is responsive means that not just desktop users can enjoy your site but also mobile users too.

Exact match domains

An Exact match domain is where you use a domain that is exactly the same to the keyword that you are trying to target on the search engines.

Pros and cons of WordPress

Setting up a WordPress website is a quick way to make a blog. WordPress is easy to use with lots of plugins and features.. but is it good enough?
WordPress gives you a fast blog but many WordPress website often look the same and if you do not have a unique design added to it your website will just be unmemorable and boring. WordPress is a great blogging platform but if you are wanting to make your website more than just a blog then WordPress may not be for you.

Being different but not isolated

For a good website you must be some how different from all the other billions of sites on the internet. A good web design that stands out from the rest will help communicate your ideas and let people remember them far better. Don’t be forgetful make people think.. but dont isolate your ideas in ambiguity make sure you clear define your design as to ensure people understand and get it.. but leave some room for thought and wonder at least, it is all about getting the crucial balance between design and your message.

Creative design

Creative ideas really do not come easy in design if your thinking too superficially, it is what you are aiming for that makes it easy or not really.. For me I can only really focus on something and create a good design if I am happy with the meaning behind the design or else I am merely creating something for the sake of it and without true meaning and a reason for me creating the design I just get bored and can never really be bothered to finish of the design or concept.

Negative seo

“Sometimes people get jealous”

How google wants you to do seo

The way google wants you to do seo is to not do seo at all. To google or to any search engines for that matter creating links to rank in the search engines is strictly against their search engines guidelines and warrants punishment in the form of penalization for trying to manipulate the search engine results. Google wants you to create a website keeping creating great unique content and as if by magic you will then get traffic all on your own and this will result in links as people want to share your content with others on forums and their own blogs… Wait did I just say forums?

Responsive webdesigns help you rank better

Checking whether your website is responsive is fairly easy you dont even need a mobile to check… all you do is using your mouse drag and re-size your browser window… if the website then re-sizes itself to fit the changing browser size then you have got a responsive website design well done! A responsive website design isn’t just helpful for making your site more accessible for people on mobile devices it is also highly recommended for seo too.

How to get more blog subscribers

How to get more blog subscribers. For any blog to succeed you need readers. Many people are just too dependent on seo meaning that when their sites are penalized by the search engines (which happens too some extent too nearly 90% of all sites nowadays) they loose all blog readers and income from that blog. That is why it is important to concentrate on different sources of traffic than search engines and making sure that when people do read your site that they are interested enough to either bookmark it to read it later….

Ranking a image on google

(The scream painting is one of the most expensive costing just under $120 million and best artworks in the worlds but that doesn’t mean google will automatically rank it high in the search results!)