My little trick for themeforest

You might have read my last angry post about how I bought a theme from themeforest called Blaszok and it was absolute rubbish... Well now I have came up with a new strategy on how to stop myself buying rubbish worthless themes again. The idea is simple when I select live preview I use a block images plugin for Firefox enabling me to actually see what the theme looks like without all the fancy images (that are not included in the theme) and exactly what I am buying... If you check the blaszok theme using this method you will see nothing but a white page!!!! honestly!!!!


Something that has really annoyed me recently was the fact that I bought a woocoemmerce theme from theme forest blaszok to be precise and it was absolutely garbage!! I bought it just to save me time designing my own which would take forever.. but the fact of the matter is when it came down to it I had to bascally make my own from scratch! I am so annoyed.

Rest In peace, In memory of one of my friends...

This post is in memory of one of my friends who recently committed suicide after suffering from depression after being pushed over the edge.

Bing is so amazing

Just a quick post.... about how I am so digging bing at the minute. Google can go to hell absolute crap of crap that search engine is. Don't like their morals and how they destroy small businesses with a press of a button either. The head of spam at Google reckons he likes to break peoples spirits how sick is that?

Graphic designers are fruads

Creativity is not contrived and is not something that can be sparked by demand that is why I simply do not get why people appreciate art in advertisement so much. Art is meant to be something personal to the artist as a expression of their creativity. Advertisements and marketing campaigns that try to be creative simply cannot be. You cannot use art to express a superficial and contrived message of advertisement it just simple does not work like that as art must be from within and created with belief and inspiration focused on something the artist is passionate about.

Being different but not isolated

For a good website you must be some how different from all the other billions of sites on the internet. A good web design that stands out from the rest will help communicate your ideas and let people remember them far better. Don’t be forgetful make people think.. but dont isolate your ideas in ambiguity make sure you clear define your design as to ensure people understand and get it.. but leave some room for thought and wonder at least, it is all about getting the crucial balance between design and your message.

What is on page seo

On page seo is focused on your actual website from page load speed right through to whether what you have on your site is unique or not.

In google the algorithm that checks your on page is google. Bad on page seo makes search engine bot think that your site is spam whereas having a good website with good on page seo makes your site seem less likely to be spam.

Site design is something the panda update checks. Does the site have a responsive design? Having a design which is responsive means that not just desktop users can enjoy your site but also mobile users too.

Exact match domains

An Exact match domain is where you use a domain that is exactly the same to the keyword that you are trying to target on the search engines.

Pros and cons of WordPress

Setting up a WordPress website is a quick way to make a blog. WordPress is easy to use with lots of plugins and features.. but is it good enough?
WordPress gives you a fast blog but many WordPress website often look the same and if you do not have a unique design added to it your website will just be unmemorable and boring. WordPress is a great blogging platform but if you are wanting to make your website more than just a blog then WordPress may not be for you.

Creative design

Creative ideas really do not come easy in design if your thinking too superficially, it is what you are aiming for that makes it easy or not really.. For me I can only really focus on something and create a good design if I am happy with the meaning behind the design or else I am merely creating something for the sake of it and without true meaning and a reason for me creating the design I just get bored and can never really be bothered to finish of the design or concept.